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Hair Powder has always been an industry secret for beauty pros! Now you can have the full and glamorous ‘do you have always wanted!

The secret to great looking hair? First, stop washing it so much and then start using the first ever all natural hair powder and styling product for men and women – The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder! This ultimate styling product comes in color-matched options for all hair types. You can love yourself and your hair using The ALL NIGHTER, because it contains no parabens, no aluminum, no talc, no silica, no propellant, and of course, it’s cruelty-free! Gently scented, The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder absorbs excess oil and contains real silk powder for a luxurious satin feel.

Creator and long-time industry pro Tony Artur has been offering beauty products at his boutique and website, A Beautiful Life, for years and wasn’t happy with the quality of hair powder and dry shampoos on the market. Says Tony, “It’s bugged me for so long. We sell a ton of hair powder but everyone complains about it. And it got me thinking: WHY do the colors look so artificial? And WHY are they so full of parabens, talc, and other nasty stuff?”. Tony created batch after batch of his own formula of hair powder until he finally found one that passed the test of the toughest critics; his wife Jennifer and her cadre of fashionista friends. Without a minute to waste, Tony started production of The ALL NIGHTER and when pre-orders started coming in on his website he knew he had a winner. Tony’s mission is to redefine exactly what hair powder is to the general public. People can save money (less blowouts), help the planet (eliminate excessive shampooing) and look fabulous doing it! The end result is a product both utilitarian and esoteric, marrying functionality and fashion in a way that hasn’t been done before.

The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder™ freshens your ‘do, absorbs excess oil, extends your blowout, and creates awesome TEXTURE, VOLUME, and STYLE! Scrunch. Zhuzh. Fluff. Toss. Tease. HAVE FUN!

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