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Kuwait’s online shop for women’s fashion and more
By H.Y. Sharara, November (2008) edition of bazaar

Kuwait’s online shopping scene just got more interesting with the emergence of Pink Polka Dot Shop ( Officially launched in March 2008, the site, started by two twenty-something Kuwaiti friends, is the result of a yearlong effort to provide Kuwait with a shopping site that’s one of a kind. The two friends were involved in all the painstaking details of the site’s creation, from A – Z, inputting their ideas everywhere they could, from color to font to layout.

Pink Polka Dot Shop (PPDS) offers online shoppers a new experience; the site itself is very thorough and extremely user-friendly. Upon entering, you’ll find that the site is not a specialty online store. Instead of focusing on only one product, PPDS offers an array of affordable products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing to baby clothing, accessories as well as gadgets and gizmos that would rival the best bazaar Techno page review. The web-shop also offers a variety of accessories, beauty products, footwear, as well as home and kitchen products, just to name a few, and provides gift ideas from a range of goods and a gift wrapping service for any and all occasions. Other PPDS offerings are “As Seen On…” which links all products seen on celebrities, television, and magazines, as well as a “Think Pink” category featuring all their pink colored products, catering to the many other women out there who love the color pink. They are also the first online store in Kuwait to introduce and sell Disney Couture Jewelry; currently their top selling brand.

Upon entering the comprehensive site and clicking on a selection, you’re provided with detailed descriptions, high resolution photos with special features and an enlarge button for you to study your intended purchase closer. You can also see what customers who bought that particular product also purchased. There’s also a section giving online shoppers the opportunity to comment, review and critique products they’ve purchased.

Pink Polka Dot Shop is on a constant look out for new products and ideas in an effort to provide their customers with an ever expanding selection of affordable goods. Since their launch they have negotiated a number of agreements with various companies, making them the authorized distributors of nine different brand names (seven from the United States, one from the UK and one from Kuwait). Currently, the site is in negotiations with other distributors to increase the number of products offered. But PPDS isn’t just about foreign brands. They also carry the exclusive PPD Design label as well as PPD branded products including another top seller, the polka dot luggage line. Designs of the PPD Design line are the original creations of one of the partners and one visit to the site will show you that the majority of items on display in this category are sold out. According to the partners, the products marked “sold out” will not be reproduced due to the unavailability of fabrics, but they do promise more designs to come.

What really sets Pink Polka Dot Shop apart from the rest of the online shopping sites around is that 10% of their proceeds go towards charity. This is set out in bold writing on the website. 10% of the monthly profits of Pink Polka Dot Shop are distributed to numerous organizations covering several causes. This approach of Corporate Social Responsibility is refreshing for ones so young, and as they expressed “The reason for sharing this decision with our customers is to let them know that these contributions to our community are only possible with their loyal support.” This is truly a very admirable and responsible approach for a fledgling company. And speaking of customers, the partners stressed that they wanted to express their gratitude to all who have encouraged them through emails and positive feedback, and their constant support and trust.

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